Firebird rear compartment fuse box

Pontiac Firebird (1993) – fuse box diagram. Year of production: 1993. Instrument Panel Fuse Block Pontiac Firebird – fuse box – instrument panel Passenger compartment Fuse Box. The

fuse box is located in the left side of the instrument panel, behind the cover. Fuse Box in the engine compartment Engine Compartment Fuse Block Fuse and Relay Center 1 Pontiac Firebird – fuse box – engine compartment (fuse and relay center 1) The only fuse box i know of on the 91 Firebird is located under the dash Above

your left leg. I am not sdure if that is the same for all engine sizes and models. In engine compartment right side towards rear share with friends. Share to: The only fuse box i know of on the 91 Firebird is located under the dash Above your left leg. Camaro: Fuse Box Diagram. If your windshield wipers, air conditioner, or similar electronic device stops functioning, first check the fuse or relay. Engine Compartment Fuse Box. except there is no rear fuse box.

Figure 11. Interior fuse box diagram on 1993-2002 models. Figure 12. Under hood fuses and relays for model years 1993-2002 Pontiac Firebird - 2002 Fuse Box Diagram. Home; Pontiac; Firebird - 2002 Fuse Box; 2-11. The instrument panel fuse block is located behind a. the vehicle. The other two are located in the engine compartment . on the driver’s side

of the vehicle. Open the cover on . the boxes to expose the fuses. Look at the silver-colored band inside Standard turn signal and hazard flashers are mounted on fuse panel. A new horn relay is mounted on the main dash harness. Fuse box designed to fit in original location without mods to the firewall. 1967 Camaro & Firebird Rear Window Defroster Wiring Harness. $54.95. Buy It Now. On a Firebird with a manual transmission, there is a very short extension of two purple wires that connects to a clutch pedal start switch instead. The power wire plugged into the spare ignition terminal on the fuse box This view of the back side of the dash pad shows the antenna relay mounted above the glove box and the rear defrost Engine Compartment. Exterior Chrome & Moldings. Fastener Kits, Body Bolts. Glass, Tracks, Regulators. 1967 1968 1969 Camaro & Firebird Coupe 5 Leaf Rear Springs & Installation Kit OE Quality Technically Correct Made In The

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